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Ready to get well, live well and feel better?

We offer Get Well health retreats and support services for people with cancer, MS and other serious illnesses. Our highly experienced therapists will teach you natural healing techniques which compliment medical treatments. We will show you which foods help fight cancer and boost your immune system. Our staff are trained to help you cope with stress and fear. We have resources are available to help your family understand your issues.

We’ve been helping people make positive changes to their lifestyle for more than 30 years, particularly those with cancer.

You CAN Conquer Cancer

Changing your life is not always easy, though research shows that a healthier lifestyle including meditation, gentle exercise and eating nutritious cancer fighting foods, can make a significant impact on healing, energy and avoiding illness. Click here to read about our 7 Essential Health Principles.

Our Live Well retreats are designed for people who want to avoid illness, feel happier and live their best life. Join us on a Live Well retreat to take time out, relax and learn to meditate, eat better, and make practical, achievable plans for a healthier, more fulfilled life.

In essence, we encourage and support all people as they seek out ways to get well, live well and feel better whatever their circumstances.

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What others are saying:

Scott Stephens diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma in 2000 attended healing retreat and found hope

I’ve practised what the Foundation advocates and I’m still alive. I’m living proof that it works.

Scott diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma in 2000