Walking El Camino de Santiago

Walking El Camino de SantiagoWinter 2017, Living Well Magazine by Madeleine Selian Readers may remember long-time member of the Gawler community, Madeleine Selian, from her inspiring feature story ‘The Gift of Life’ in our Winter 2014 edition of Living Well magazine. Madeleine attended her first cancer program in early 2003, and has continued to attend … Continue reading Walking El Camino de Santiago

The “Beginner’s Mind” in Meditation

The “Beginner’s Mind” in MeditationWinter 2017, Living Well Magazine by Paul Bedson Zen master Shunryo Suzuki encouraged his meditation students, even the advanced ones, to practice with Beginner’s Mind (Shoshin). Beginner’s Mind is having an attitude of freshness, curiosity, openness, receptivity, eagerness and humility. In Beginner’s Mind there is a lack of expectations, preconceptions and … Continue reading The “Beginner’s Mind” in Meditation

Bali Adventures

Bali AdventuresSpring 2017, Living Well Magazine July 2017 was a memorable month for the Foundation, with our first ever International retreat taking place amidst the amidst the tranquil rice fields of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Participants enjoyed a week of rejuvenation for the body, mind and soul… experiencing authentic Balinese accomodation, surroundings and traditions, delicious organic … Continue reading Bali Adventures

Meditation – Medicine for the Mind

Meditation - Medicine for the MindSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine by Adj. Assoc. Professor Sanjay Raghav In Eastern traditions tracing back to ancient times, the mind has been deeply studied and researched, leading to the revelation that the ‘mind’ is merely a bundle of thoughts, a by-product of desires and feeling incomplete. When looking beyond … Continue reading Meditation – Medicine for the Mind

Exploring Intentions for the Future

Exploring Intentions for the FutureSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine I am a busy GP working in the southeastern suburbs, with a passion for holistic medicine and empowering patients to take charge of their health with an integrative approach and a healthy lifestyle. I have been financially contributing to the Foundation for many years - probably … Continue reading Exploring Intentions for the Future

Beyond Mindfulness into Oneness

Beyond Mindfulness into OnenessSpring 2016, Living Well Magazine by Paul Bedson The extensive research into mindfulness meditation is revealing what a truly wonderful resource it is. What a healing gift to humanity at a time when it is so greatly needed! Mindfulness meditation enhances physical wellbeing. It creates a space for physical healing, stabilizes emotions … Continue reading Beyond Mindfulness into Oneness