Inspiring stories

Read some of the inspiring stories from people who have attended our retreats and programs.

Dr Taylor uses her own MS experience to help others

Keryn Taylor was completely overwhelmed when she was diagnosed with MS at the age of 25. After attending the Overcoming MS retreat she regained her confidence, reduced her symptoms and went on to complete her studies. She has assisted Prof Jelinek in facilitating the OMS retreat and is determined to spread the word about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to assist in further research. Click here to read more.

Dr Wright steps away from the abyss

Cancer changed the life of this New Zealand bishop and father of three for ever. For Kelvin, the teaching and coaching of the Foundation’s therapists shaped and focused his relationship with his body, gave him confidence that he will have a healthier future and showed him the tools with which to build that future.  Click here to read more.

Scott Stephens diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma in 2000Scott bounces back from the knockbacks

Scott was a 23-year old carpenter and surfer when he was diagnosed with melanoma, which over several years, spread to his groin and chest. Now in his thirties and cancer-free for over six years, Scott believes part of his success is down to totally changing his lifestyle using the guidance he gained from the Life and Living cancer retreat. Click here to read more.

Karen faces her fears of MS

Karen, a Brisbane mother of three, attended the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis retreat. She talks candidly about facing her fears of MS,  and the lifestyle changes that have brought her genuine hope for the future. Click here to read more.

Sarah overcomes Lupus

At 19 years of age, Sarah was diagnosed with lupus. This caused her immune system to attack itself leaving her with life-threatening complications, endless trips to hospital, long term medications and unable to pursue her dream of becoming a kindergarden teacher. After completing the MS retreat, Sarah changed her diet and her lifestyle. Today she is a different person; healthier, happier, and living her dreams. Click here to read more.

Soula writes her own story

Soula firmly believes that anyone can tap into their own healing energy. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her research into diet, lifestyle change, positive thinking and meditation eventually led her to The Gawler Foundation. She has used some of what she learnt from the Life and Living retreat to publish her own book, The Detox Answer.  Click here

John takes the road less travelled

John refused surgery and chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer and follicular lymphoma and took on the lessons from the Life and Living retreat to completely change his way of life. Chinese medicine and regular 900km walks along the Camino Frances in Europe, also play an important part in halting the spread of his tumours. Click here to read more.

Kitty’s tumour shrank but her life grew

When Kitty was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, the doctors’ prognosis was palliative care, yet Kitty wasn’t about to give up. She accepted everything conventional medicine had to offer plus she attended the Life and Living retreat where she found she could help herself and play an active role in her own healing. Twelve months later her surgeon was amazed to see that her tumour had shrunk to only 0.2millimetres in size. Click here to read more.

Jenny’s life lived to the fullest

Jenny first became aware of the Foundation when her husband had an aggressive melanoma. She returned to the Foundation some time later when she received her own MS diagnosis. Jenny believes the Foundation’s lifestyle principles have given her the physical benefits of wellbeing, and more importantly, a holistic approach to living that has enabled her to pursue a path in life so different from what she imagined. Click here to read more.

Janice finds life after cancer

As a healthy non-smoker, throat cancer came as a shocking suprise to Janice. Now she reflects on the rollercoaster that is a cancer diagnosis, treatment regimes and life after attending Life and Living. Janice has now found balance and happiness. Click here to read more.

Mandy’s incredible journey to recovery

As a busy business owner and mum of two children under five, Mandy didn’t have time for headaches. So when the pain in her head became unbearable, she quickly made an appointment with her doctor. The results were what no young mother wants to hear. Mandy had two, Grade 3 brain tumours – and they were malignant. Click here to read more.

Bernadette beats Melanoma

Bernadette was diagnosed with advanced melanoma 13 years ago. Now at 58, she is happy, healthy, and a very grateful survivor.  Her doctors believe that her recovery was down to the six-month treatment of Interferon yet she believes it was the significant lifestyle changes recommended by The Foundation that really started her recovery.  Even her oncologist noticed the change in Bernadette after the Living Well program. Click here to read more.

Image of Helen Bilecki - Life and Living past participantHelen cancer warrior

After years of feeling that something wasn’t quite right, Helen was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2009. She had surgery to remove her stomach in early 2010, though the cancer had spread to about 12 adjoining lymph nodes, which were also removed. It was unknown if the cancer had spread even further. Read Helen’s remarkable journey to health and her transformation into the ‘cancer warrior’. Click here.

Hamish finds a new beginning

Hamish reflects on this life since wife Jacqui passed away seven years ago. He fondly looks back on his time with the Foundation in the Yarra Valley, the lessons of Life and Living and the new love he has since found. Click here to read more.

Caroline’s courageous cancer journey

After a serious battle with breast cancer Caroline now practices daily, the lessons she learned at the Foundation. She has reduced her stress, focused on quality of life and prioritised family, friends and laughter. Click here to read more.

Michael receives unexpected blessing

When Kathy enrolled in the cancer Life and Living program, I enrolled myself as well, thinking that I was just there to support Kathy. I was amazed to find that this course ended up changing my life in amazing ways that I could never have imagined. Click here to read more.