You have the power to bring about profound change in your life; your state of mind, your relationships and your health. Our wellbeing retreats are the ideal opportunity to learn how.

Many of us travel through life only half awake, struggling to connect with our deeper purpose, lacking vitality or feeling burnt out by stress and anxiety.

Best practice medicine says good lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. So we encourage you to take a preventative approach and proactively shape your future health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy in body and mind. The Gawler Foundation teaches a holistic lifestyle medicine approach to wellbeing, which focuses on 7 Essential Elements.

Regular Meditation, Good Nutrition, Effective Support, Moderate Exercise, Emotional Healing, the Power of the Mind, and the Quest for Meaning are all research based practices widely recognised or their health benefit, and form the backbone of our educational retreat programs.

Weekend Meditation Retreat

2 nights. Develop a simple yet profound meditation practice. De-stress, rest and restore your body and mind.  Enjoy organic wholefoods and time in nature.

Expand Your Practice - follow up

2 nights. For past retreat participants, this tailored retreat offers guidance and support in expanding and refining your meditation practice.

Living in Balance Retreat

2 nights. Develop a mindfulness meditation practice. Explore effective emotional management skills. Create balance in body, mind and emotions.

Eat Well : Live Well Retreat

2 nights. Discover how to return your body to it’s natural state of balance and lay the foundations for lifelong good health, with mindfulness and plant-based wholefoods.

NeuroSlimming Retreat

2 nights. Dr Helena Popovic shows you how you can use the principles of neuroplasticity to manage weight and gain health, through a life-enriching mind-plan.

Mindful Self-Compassion

4 nights. Clinical Psychologist Kathleen Cator, and Certified MSC Teacher Tina Gibson guide you through an experiential adventure in self discovery and self-kindness.

Set Your Compass Retreat

2 nights. Create your best life. Explore meditation, artistic expression and contemplation. Take your life in a new direction.

Meditation in the Forest Retreat

2 nights. Join Drs Ian and Ruth Gawler in a stunning, natural setting, to experience the deep, natural peace and contentment that comes through meditation.

Spirituality & Healing Retreat

2 nights. Learn tools and resources for reconnecting with your spirit and own inner knowing; and use that connection for healing and deep inner peace.

Deepening Your Meditation Retreat

4 nights. Join Drs Ian and Ruth Gawler in this unique opportunity, to cultivate profound natural peace and clarity through a deepened meditation practice.

Essence of Health Retreat

2 nights. Dr Craig Hassed delivers his ESSENCE model, for general wellbeing and the prevention or management of a wide range of health challenges.