Slow Death by Rubber Duck


When leading environmentalists Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie decided to tell the story of pollution in our modern world by using their own bodies as laboratories, they could not have known what they were about to discover.

They ingested and inhaled a host of things that surrond us all the time, from mercury-laden tuna to flame-retardant chemicals in clothes and furniture, to toxins in plastics, toys, shampoos and deodorants. The results of these experiements are both alarming and unexpected.

Slow Death by Rubber Duck exposes the extent to which we are being poisoned every day of our lives, both in our homes and our workplaces. It tells the shocking story of corporate giants who manufacture these toxins, the government officials who let it happen and the effects on people across the globe. It also offers solutions for how we might be healthier, safer and more aware.

‘This book is a powerful reminder that what we do to Mother Earth we do directly to ourselves. Read it to see why we have to change the way we live and get off our destructive path.’ David Suzuki

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