The Running Raw around Australia update

The Running Raw around Australia update - Where are they at?

We’ve introduced you to veteran raw vegan runners Janette Murray Wakelin and Alan Murray in previous editions of Living Well and their 2013 goal to run side-by-side around Australia, 15,500km, 365 marathons in 365 days. Well they’ve crossed the half-way mark!

What a mind-blowing effort to raise awareness and funds for four important Australian charities. The Gawler Foundation is grateful to be one of them.

So here’s a look at what they’ve faced over recent months…

14th May, 2013 

Marathon #134. 18km Sth of Dunmarra to Truck Stop 25km Nth of Dunmarra. Started at 4:55am in the dark, cloudy so no starlight, ran for an hour by the light of a flashlight. Narelle & Rose arrived at sunrise which we all watched together, a golden ball rising into red tinged clouds. Stopped at Dunmarra to fuel up the vehicles and take on water in the tanks and air in the tires. Met a beautiful Brahman cow who had obviously been raised from a calf as she was very friendly and curious about our water bottles. Janette gave her a drink of water from her bottle and she gave Janette a big kiss with her tongue! She was so gentle, her nose so soft, her eyes so bright. A precious sentient being. Running on, I could still feel her soft touch on my hand and I felt blessed. Temp 17- 31.5 degrees. Total Km 5763.03.

25th May, 2013 

Marathon #145. 5km Sth of Hayes Creek to 17km Sth of Adelaide River, NT. Started 5am running by moonlight, watching as the moon set in the West and the sun rose in the East. Cool morning, light dew on the ground and a dry wind. Rough and rocky road with very little edge for us to run on for most of the day, so had to move right off the road into the gravel or grass and wait while the traffic passed. Many huge termite mounds along the side of the road, some at least 6m tall and 3m in diameter. Finished the run 42.4 km where Myke had set up camp on the side of the road. We were just about to have dinner when a car stopped and 4 guys came over saying they were from Victoria and had seen us on TV back in January when we started and thought they might see us as they set out on their fishing trip together. They were staying on a cattle ranch nearby and were very interested to hear how we were running a marathon a day while eating raw vegan food. We showed them the bowl of fruit salad that Melissa had freshly made and told them that we were having it for dinner. They said, “but you can’t run a marathon on that, can you?!” We said, “well, we just finished marathon #145!” Temp 18-31 degrees. Total Km 6254.61.

1st July, 2013 

Marathon #182. Six months on the road today, so officially halfway by months! Tomorrow is the official halfway by marathons. 68 km East of Fitzroy Crossing to Joy Springs Community 25km East of Fitzroy. Seems strange to be heading North!

10th Aug, 2013 

Marathon #221. 94 km to 50km East of Minilya. Started at 5am in the dark, cool and damp mist with very wet dew. Long straights on road disappearing into a mirage about 15km ahead, very few corners but a few hills and gullies that define the strange landscape. Less and less bushes and more red sand visible. Mostly yellow wildflowers en masse at ground level and a few purple bushes. Met up with the PedalitForward Team, 2 cyclists and 1 driver biking around Australia to raise awareness and funds for World Bicycle Relief, a charity dedicated to providing bicycles to developing communities in Africa. Great to meet you three Joel, Jordan and (Paralympian) Luke, showing the world that you are never too young to be kind and compassionate and that actions speak louder than words. Stay safe on the road, you’re almost there, we’ll see you in Perth. Myke & Melissa had found a nice spot off the road to camp for the night, off to bed by 8pm. 15-32 degrees today. Total Km 9512.60.

24th August, 2013 

Marathon #231. 23 km Sth of Overlander to 166km Nth of Northampton. This one is for our son who is celebrating his birthday today, every step we take reminds us of you…

30th August, 2013 

Marathon #242. 20 km Nth of Cervantes to Wanagarren Nature Reserve. Started running 5am with the moon and some stars. Daybreak and the clouds started rolling in, cold wind getting stronger. Climbing uphill most of the day, a few showers before midway, just enough rain to soak us through, so changed clothes and shoes 3 times to stay semi dry and warm. Back on the road again after the midway break, sun is shining and feeling good for a few minutes before the first shower rolled in from behind us drenching us to the skin, the wind pushing us along and then the rain turned to hail, tiny little balls of ice coming at us horizontally and freezing us to the bones. Tried to phone the crew but couldn’t get a signal, so decided to keep going as it was too cold to stop. It was all we could do to stay upright and keep moving, being thankful that the wind was coming from behind us, even though it was hard to keep our balance with it pushing us along faster than we could run! We were starting to feel like hyperthermia may set in when the crew vehicles went past us, unable to stop on the side of the road at that point. Watching them drive on was gut wrenching, but we knew they would stop as soon as they could so we slogged on through the surface water, keeping our focus on the road ahead. Through the driving rain we could see that they had pulled over about 1 km ahead, this was one of the hardest kilometres we’ve run. Temp 14-21 degrees. Total Km 10,425.39.

31st August, 2013

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2nd September, 2013 

Wow, thank you Perth for being so generous.

Through the rollercoaster ride of weather and emotions, the inspiring Running Raw team power on. To keep updated and involved, visit their website www. and follow them on Facebook.