A New Lease on Life

A New Lease on Life

Spring 2018, Living Well Magazine

Our donors give so much more than just money – they give people a new lease on life!

Over the past 18 months, our donors have made it possible for over 100 people to participate in a cancer retreat. Here is just a sample of some of the wonderful life-changing experiences that have been possible because of their generosity.

I would love to thank everyone that has donated to The Gawler Cancer Foundation. Thank you for the life-changing experience, not just for me, but also for my whole family. All of us felt so blessed by your kindness. You have given me such a great gift – a better mind to conquer cancer. Thank you, with all my love.

D Welsh, September 2018

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for this opportunity. Without your support, I would not be here and have the chance to learn this life-saving information. I feel empowered and excited to practice the new techniques I have learnt. The whole experience was inspiring. I wish everyone who is diagnosed with cancer could have the opportunity to visit the retreat.

S Reeve, September 2018

Thank you so much for the generosity, which allowed me to participate in this five-day retreat. I arrived as a mother of two, emotionally battered and profoundly sad, due to my cancer journey to-date. I leave five days later, much stronger, more focused, and equipped with the skills and the knowledge to revamp my life and that of my family. I was quite shocked at the depth and quality of the information provided over the five days. I shall use the information I have learnt every day; and I know these healthy lifestyle changes will allow not only me but also my two daughters to grow and flourish in good health. Thank you so, so much.

Narelle, April 2018

Thank you so very much for this precious and life-saving gift. I applied praying that I might receive some bursary assistance, but I certainly did not expect the level you provided. The Gawler [cancer retreat] program is worth every penny, but there weren’t enough pennies to go around, and your generosity made it possible for me and my supportive sister to attend. I am so extremely grateful for this donation, and I’m driven to put my learning’s into practice. Forever grateful.

B White, June 2018

To the donors that made this retreat possible I simply say thank you. Without your support, I would not [have been] able to attend the retreat. I feel that all I have learned in this retreat has put me in a good position to beat this cancer once and for all. I feel very positive about my future with the arsenal of information now at my disposal. Another life potentially saved by your help. Thank you dearly again.

M Sloan, April 2018

I am coming to the end of the five-day Cancer Fundamentals Retreat, and I want to thank the generous donors who helped make this possible. I was widowed in 2015, after 56 years of marriage and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer less than a year later, I felt lonely and anxious. Then in 2017, I was diagnosed with metastasis to my lung. A friend told me about her wonderful experience at The Gawler Cancer Foundation, and I was grateful to be offered a bursary to part pay the cost, which enables me to attend. I really appreciate the generosity of the donors. It warms me to know that there are people who care enough to provide such support.

M Jarvis, January 2018

I would imagine, like most people, my initial reaction to the cancer diagnosis was one of profound shock and disbelief, then fear and confusion, not only for myself but also for my family. Reading “You Can Conquer Cancer” was a turning point… and reading about The Gawler Cancer Foundation, gave me a great feeling of reassurance that there were possibilities for a positive outcome to my diagnosis.
Being able to attend the [cancer] retreat with my wife has been literally life-changing. Through the generosity of the bursary program, we can now understand and face this experience together. I feel extremely positive. Thank you very much.

M Bradley, June 2018

I truly cannot express how grateful I am to be gifted this life-giving opportunity. Without the donors, my [cancer] journey would have been plagued with more doubt than necessary. Being able to connect with others in the same boat has been not only a source of comfort but of strength and camaraderie. I’ve found the confidence to believe in myself, and have been given incredible tools to be able to work with when doubt creeps in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

E Charlwood, March 2018

Your kind donation has made a difference in my life. I may not have been able to this very beneficial program without your generous support. This program has provided me with real hope and a willingness to survive. Thank you.

E van Ree, January 2018

We are enormously grateful for the donors of his bursary program… it has given us so much hope and courage to take control of what we can in our lives and to work toward a disease-free life. Thank you so much.

P & J Gardiner, June 2018

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