Our Staff

At the Gawler Cancer Foundation we’ve been helping people to reach a new level of wellbeing for over 30 years. We’ve seen hope restored and lives transformed. But who are we?

We’re a highly skilled team of dedicated and passionate therapists, horticulturalists, cooks and individuals. We believe in what we teach at The Gawler Cancer Foundation and we see the difference it makes to the lives of those who walk through our doors. We work as a team to bring the very best educational lifestyle support and services to people faced with life’s biggest challenge, a diagnosis of cancer or multiple sclerosis. We’re also dedicated to building strength and resilience in individuals who are at a cross roads or simply want more out of life.

Front Office Team

Barry Money CEO Yarra Valley Living Centre

Barry Money

I have enjoyed a great career spanning the globe in start-ups, founder-operated businesses and corporate organisations, which has furnished me with many skills for my role here as CEO of The Gawler Cancer Foundation; and it is an extraordinary opportunity to integrate my personal values with an organisation that is transforming the lives of so many people.
I started my study of Eastern philosophy and meditation at the age of 11, where I found that meditation and Qigong could still my ever-active and creative mind, and lift my focus. I spent many years immersed in both the hard and soft aspects of martial arts, and my journey led me to Japan at twenty-years of age, where I lived for ten years.
My family has sadly been touched by cancer and other illnesses, and so my role as CEO  extends beyond the role, it has something deeply personal attached to it.
The Gawler Cancer Foundation has an extremely strong position in its field. The programs, the 7 essential elements and the network of generous supporters have served it well over the years. Everywhere I look, I see such potential. Potential to expand the amazing work that the Foundation delivers. Potential to share our learning and experience. Potential to help so many more people.


Sue Skinner
Fundraising Manager

Bubbly and always willing to lend a hand. When she is not fundraising, Sue doubles as our social events coordinator and in-house database extraordinaire. Understandably, in her spare time she enjoys a bit of peace and quiet.


Mary Tomic
Marketing Communications Manager

Always open for a conversation, Mary enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life, talking about topics that matter, and a good belly laugh.  When she’s not at her desk, she’s usually either at the gym, practising (or teaching) yoga, latin dancing, or trying out new plant-based eats.


Client Services and Programs Administrators

Melissa Crow
Programs Manager

Appreciates the little things that make a big difference.  Melissa treasures time with family & friends and having a laugh.  She enjoys getting out for a walk around our beautiful property.


Wendy Nash Yarra Valley Living Centre Retreats Administrator

Wendy Nash

Committed to inspiring others to access their own inner knowing, to make different choices so they can live a life they don’t need to escape from.  Wendy enjoys Wu Tao dance, Art therapy, Meditation and being in nature. On the weekends she enjoys supporting her daughter at horse events and time well spent with friends.


Maryann Kreutzer
Client Services

Loves anything and everything to do with outdoor adventures, whether it be riding motorbike riding, mountain bike riding, hiking with friends/family or running solo for hours in the beautiful hills of the Yarra Valley. Enjoys great conversation, travelling and people watching!


Di Stanley
Client Services & Programs

Finds the whole mind, body, emotion, spirit connection fascinating. Loves reading, dancing, walking and meditating, and cant get enough of Harry Potter.


Lisa Powell
Client Services

Lives to laugh, be silly and practice Yoga.  Lisa adores her boys, family and friends and is known for her ability to construct Lego playsets in under 1 minute.


Around the Centre – Catering, Housekeeping, Gardens and Grounds

Stacey Williamson Retreat Program Chef Yarra Valley Victoria

Stacey Williamson
Catering Manager

Jodi Hobbs
Housekeeping Manager

With over two decades of dedicated service, Jodi is a wealth of historical knowledge about our foundation. She enjoys horse riding, gardening, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Wendy Neagle