The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift Winter 2018, Living Well Magazine by Joan O'Shea Recently we caught up with Joan O’Shea, the face of our 2018 Tax Appeal, to learn more about her experience with Breast Cancer, and how receiving a bursary to attend our Cancer Fundamentals Retreat impacted her journey. Joan has lived a full and fascinating life. … Continue reading The Greatest Gift

New Pathways through Mindfulness

New Pathways through Mindfulness by Karen Hansen Every school morning as I entered the Primary School, I would take care to only step on floor tiles that were a slightly different colour to the rest. It wasn’t by choice –  I HAD to do this! even though I was holding up a stream of fellow students in the process. Other … Continue reading New Pathways through Mindfulness

My Answer to Cancer

My Answer to CancerAutumn 2018, Living Well Magazine by Cathy Brown It is hard to imagine that in 1989, a tiny red dot on my arm could have changed my life so dramatically. I had always been very careful with my skin and very aware of melanoma. When a small pimple-like spot appeared on my … Continue reading My Answer to Cancer

Spirit of Place

Spirit of PlaceSummer 2017, Living Well Magazine by Elizabeth Melican In October this year, I attended my ninth retreat program at the Yarra Valley Living Centre – the new Meditation Teacher Training, Module 3 immersion - and, as always, I felt my heart expand with gratitude as I entered the grounds. There is a special energy, or … Continue reading Spirit of Place