Neuroscience and Mindfulness Meditation

Neuroscience and Mindfulness MeditationSummer 2017, Living Well Magazine by Paul Bedson It is always heartwarming when there is a convergence between science (neuroscience), psychology (mental health) and spirituality (meditation). These three areas of study are sometimes antagonistic but the new science of the brain is bringing them together, perhaps as strange bedfellows! The new technology … Continue reading Neuroscience and Mindfulness Meditation

Awakening Around Roses

Awakening Around RosesSummer 2017, Living Well Magazine by Michelle Endersby My first experience with the Yarra Valley Living Centre was as a support person for my husband, Brian - who has primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We attended one of the first Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) Retreats, facilitated by Professor George Jelinek and Dr Ian Gawler, … Continue reading Awakening Around Roses

Kitchen Bench MicroGreens

Kitchen Bench MicroGreensSummer 2017, Living Well Magazine by Mascha Florisson While doing some research in my local library, I stumbled upon a book by Peter Burke, ‘Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening’. The book describes Burke’s technique for growing, as the title suggests, year-round salad leaves on your kitchen bench, simply and easily without the need for any … Continue reading Kitchen Bench MicroGreens

Finding Peace

Finding PeaceSpring 2017, Living Well Magazine Dear Paul and Maia, This week has proved to be the most challenging yet in my cancer journey. However I have been able to be an active participant in some frank discussions with my health team and furthermore make some very tough decisions with respect to my ongoing treatment. … Continue reading Finding Peace

The Simple Things

The Simple ThingsSpring 2017, Living Well Magazine God help us to live slowly To move simply To look softly To allow emptiness To let the Heart create for us. Amen. Michael Leunig I was so touched and inspired by Michael Leunig’s short prayer/poem, that I contacted him when co-authoring Meditation, An In-Depth Guide with Ian … Continue reading The Simple Things