Can Food be Medicine Against Cancer?

Can Food be Medicine Against Cancer?

Winter 2016, Living Well Magazine

by Dr David Wilkinson (MBBS FRACS)

Food CAN fight cancer, according to the new book by Australian cancer surgeon Dr David Wilkinson.

In response to repeated requests from his cancer patients for information about the potential benefits of the right food, surgical oncologist Dr David Wilkinson MBBS FRACS researched, wrote and just released a book “Can Food be Medicine Against Cancer? – A healthy handbook that combines science, medicine and not-so-common sense”.

“To fill a gap in available literature, I wanted to provide inspiring material based on credibly sourced, thoroughly referenced, peer-reviewed research. I felt there was a need to write a book that provides for the information needs of medical and allied health practitioners, cancer patients, their carers and people interested in cancer prevention,” said Dr Wilkinson.

The work is being very positively received and is considered to be a rigorous and insightful resource. The book’s reader-friendly, inspiring style and easy-to-navigate structure provide quickly accessible, highly informative, helpful, practical information and insights.

The book addresses three key questions:

1. Does eating certain foods make any difference against cancer?

2. How do I know which food to eat?

3. Can I really trust what I read?

In answering these questions, Dr Wilkinson points out that nearly all cancers are not primarily genetic, but are influenced by factors under our control, including what we eat.

The book takes the reader on a tour of the top foods that protect against cancer and explains the scientific reasons why these foods are effective. Readers discover how cancer cells work and what turns them off. The book provides practical advice on food selection and preparation followed by detailed evidence drawn from an abundance of research on the subject.

The book also highlights the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and exercise.

Doctor Wilkinson’s book is available for purchase for $25AUD through The Gawler Cancer Foundation’s webstore.

A flat rate of $12 applies for standard postage within Australia and New Zealand.

Dr David Wilkinson (MBBS FRACS) 

is a specialist breast and endocrine surgeon. He has his own private practice and is a visiting consultant at a major teaching hospital in Brisbane, Australia. He has over 20 years of experience and has treated thousands of patients locally and overseas. His specialty includes complex, recurrent, malignant, functional and hereditary thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland conditions as well as all forms of breast cancer. He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Endocrine Surgeons, the Australian Medical Association and the Mater Private Hospital Breast Cancer Centre. He is engaged in regular multidisciplinary meetings with specialists in medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology and radiology, as well as breast cancer nurses, dieticians and other therapists. Dr Wilkinson is actively involved in teaching medical students and surgeons and his book forms an additional part of his commitment to education of medical peers and patients in the area of cancer research.