Walking El Camino de Santiago

Walking El Camino de SantiagoWinter 2017, Living Well Magazine by Madeleine Selian Readers may remember long-time member of the Gawler community, Madeleine Selian, from her inspiring feature story ‘The Gift of Life’ in our Winter 2014 edition of Living Well magazine. Madeleine attended her first cancer program in early 2003, and has continued to attend … Continue reading Walking El Camino de Santiago

In Five Short Days

In Five Short DaysAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine by Rosslyn Lam On the 27th September 2014, my wonderful, complicated, quirky, proud, exotic Chinese husband, who I had spent half my life with in an oft-times tumultuous, yet wonderfully vibrant and loving marriage, died of pancreatic cancer. If only I had known about The Gawler Cancer … Continue reading In Five Short Days

Exploring Intentions for the Future

Exploring Intentions for the FutureSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine I am a busy GP working in the southeastern suburbs, with a passion for holistic medicine and empowering patients to take charge of their health with an integrative approach and a healthy lifestyle. I have been financially contributing to the Foundation for many years - probably … Continue reading Exploring Intentions for the Future

My New Normal

My New NormalSpring 2016, Living Well Magazine by Elizabeth Schefferle Four years ago I found myself sitting in my neurologist’s office receiving the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at the height of my nursing career and at 25 years of age. I had foreseen the diagnosis coming, so it wasn’t a complete shock to me, however … Continue reading My New Normal