New Pathways through Mindfulness

New Pathways through MindfulnessAutumn 2018, Living Well Magazine by Karen Hansen Every school morning as I entered the Primary School, I would take care to only step on floor tiles that were a slightly different colour to the rest. It wasn’t by choice –  I HAD to do this! even though I was holding up a stream of fellow students … Continue reading New Pathways through Mindfulness

Awakening Around Roses

Awakening Around RosesSummer 2017, Living Well Magazine by Michelle Endersby My first experience with the Yarra Valley Living Centre was as a support person for my husband, Brian - who has primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We attended one of the first Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) Retreats, facilitated by Professor George Jelinek and Dr Ian Gawler, … Continue reading Awakening Around Roses

Lessons through Cancer created a Community

Lessons through Cancer created a CommunitySpring 2017, Living Well Magazine by Jillian Exton At what point do you really know – or stop to consider – if what you are doing is what you are really meant to be doing in this life? Entry into a grown-up life can be a haphazard transition; what is … Continue reading Lessons through Cancer created a Community

Walking El Camino de Santiago

Walking El Camino de SantiagoWinter 2017, Living Well Magazine by Madeleine Selian Readers may remember long-time member of the Gawler community, Madeleine Selian, from her inspiring feature story ‘The Gift of Life’ in our Winter 2014 edition of Living Well magazine. Madeleine attended her first cancer program in early 2003, and has continued to attend … Continue reading Walking El Camino de Santiago