In Five Short Days

In Five Short DaysAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine by Rosslyn Lam On the 27th September 2014, my wonderful, complicated, quirky, proud, exotic Chinese husband, who I had spent half my life with in an oft-times tumultuous, yet wonderfully vibrant and loving marriage, died of pancreatic cancer. If only I had known about The Gawler Cancer … Continue reading In Five Short Days

Conscious, Courageous Choices

Conscious, Courageous ChoicesAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine by Sharda Sethi On the 10th June 2012, soon after my 41st birthday, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. My health prior to this had not been very good either. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008 and lived with constant pain and extreme fatigue on … Continue reading Conscious, Courageous Choices

Paying it Forward

Paying it ForwardSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine by Ben Kerslake Being diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in Nov 2014, and being told at 32 with a young family that (worse case) I could have 4-6 months to live, was incomprehensible. I was convinced right from the onset that I was not a statistic and was … Continue reading Paying it Forward

Exploring Intentions for the Future

Exploring Intentions for the FutureSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine I am a busy GP working in the southeastern suburbs, with a passion for holistic medicine and empowering patients to take charge of their health with an integrative approach and a healthy lifestyle. I have been financially contributing to the Foundation for many years - probably … Continue reading Exploring Intentions for the Future

Living with Gratitude

Living with GratitudeSpring 2016, Living Well Magazine by Brenda Scarlett On March 22, 2010 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Being told you have cancer brings the strongest person to their knees. There is a feeling of disbelief and your mortality stares you in the face. Suddenly all the things that seemed so important are … Continue reading Living with Gratitude

My New Normal

My New NormalSpring 2016, Living Well Magazine by Elizabeth Schefferle Four years ago I found myself sitting in my neurologist’s office receiving the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at the height of my nursing career and at 25 years of age. I had foreseen the diagnosis coming, so it wasn’t a complete shock to me, however … Continue reading My New Normal

A Big Learning Curve

A Big Learning CurveSpring 2016, Living Well Magazine by Deirdre Loveless It was after I had day surgery in 2008 that I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I booked in for The Gawler Cancer Foundation’s Life & Living Cancer Retreat. Located in a beautiful bush setting, the Yarra Valley Living … Continue reading A Big Learning Curve

My Gawler Experience

My Gawler ExperienceWinter 2016, Living Well Magazine by Tim Baker 40 years ago Ian Gawler OAM was given three weeks to live. The methods he used to heal himself were once decried as voodoo but medical mainstream is slowly catching up. I hope they get a good bulk deal on tissues at the Gawler Cancer … Continue reading My Gawler Experience