Qi Gong: new study finds benefit in old therapy

Cancer patients who practised Qi Gong and meditation experienced significantly higher wellbeing levels, improved cognitive functioning and less inflammation compared to a control group, new University of Sydney research has found. Click here to read more.

It’s never too late

After running the length of NZ, breast cancer survivor Janette Murray-Wakelin is running around Australia, eating nothing but raw vegan food. Doctors told Janette Murray that she had only months left to live in 2002. She was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer that had spread into the chest wall and the lymph nodes. … Continue reading It’s never too late

Life Long Health

From cancer carer to MS diagnosis: Jenny Fox is embracing life through retreats. Jenny believes that The Gawler Foundation’s lifestyle principles that she has adopted give her not only physical benefits of wellbeing but more importantly they provide holistic benefits that have enabled her to persue a path in life so different from what she … Continue reading Life Long Health

At the heart of healing: connection

Our friends at The Ornish Spectrum discuss practical skills to help you re-connect with your community an essential skill when you are unwell and in need of support. In our programs at The Foundation we emphasise the importance of group support, forgiveness and good communication skills. In his book You Can Conquer Cancer, Ian gawler talks … Continue reading At the heart of healing: connection

Can hope help you live longer?

The loss of hope is one of the three most debilitating psychological challenges that cancer patients face, along with unwanted aloneness and loss of control. But conventional approaches to cancer care can be so fixated on the disease that the patient’s wellbeing and the healing power of hope are often overlooked. Hope provides the fuel … Continue reading Can hope help you live longer?

Cancer Council research

43,000 cancers are preventable with healthier lifestyle reveals recent research by the Cancer Council. Scientisists from the Viertel Centre for Research in Cancer Control, at Cancer Council Queensland, estimate that a quarter of all cancer cases could be prevented if Australians adopted healthier lifestyles… for full article click  Justine Norrie  The Conversation

MS: retreat programs have major health benefits

MS: retreat programs have major health benefitsLiving Well Magazine Autumn 2015 A new study published in the Neurological Sciences journal has shown major improvements in the quality of life of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who accessed self-help resources (a book and website) and/or attended an educational retreat program promoting the integration of healthy lifestyle practices. The … Continue reading MS: retreat programs have major health benefits

Meditation in oncology clinic

Meditation in oncology clinicLiving Well Magazine Winter 2014 Researchers from the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, have found that cancer patients from an oncology outpatient clinic receiving single-session meditation consultation experienced significant reduction in anxiety, fatigue, distress and pain alongside improved wellbeing  and sleep.  While it is by no means new to discover … Continue reading Meditation in oncology clinic