Consider your meditation ergonomics

Consider your meditation ergonomics

Spring 2013, Living Well magazine

Is your meditation bringing you more pain than pleasure? Bronwyn Gillespie from The Gawler Cancer Foundation sat down with Colin Steele, Creator of Black Dragon Meditation Seats to discuss meditation ergonomics. 

There are many things that can distract us from our meditation practice. Some of the most common being our growing to-do list, the endless stream of thoughts in our minds, the environment we find ourselves in and the ache in our backs.

Having experienced the common physical challenge of sitting for any length of time at floor level, Colin Steele found some temporary relief meditating on the edge of his futon. From this discomfort came the inspiration to design an ergonomically friendly meditation seat.

From a simple single height design in 2002, the seat blossomed into the ‘one stool three positions’ concept we see today. What started as a creative home project soon became a desirable and marketable product.

The Black Dragon Seat first went public at a wellbeing expo in late 2004 at the iconic Exhibition Building in Carlton, Melbourne. It was at this wellbeing expo that someone wise suggested Colin make contact with The Gawler Cancer Foundation. We loved the beautiful, well thought-out, hand-crafted design and the support the seats provide to new or physically uncomfortable meditators. They offer a ‘sacred spot’ to meditate. When you move towards your seat you know it’s time to become quiet and connect with your inner peace.

These days Colin’s meditation seats are part of the furniture at The Gawler Cancer Foundation. When you enter one of the foundation’s meditation sanctuaries, they’re always there, ready to offer support on the path to wellness.

It takes approximately one hour to make a Black Dragon meditation seat and Colin makes each one by hand. He always looks forward to receiving his order from the foundation and takes the time to deliver the seats personally, enjoying the scenic drive through the hills to the Yarra Valley Living Centre in Yarra Junction. On the way home he buys local produce such as honey, blueberries and raspberries, and smiles at the thought of all those peaceful meditators rejuvenating their bodies and their minds resting on one of his little meditation seats.

Black Dragon meditation stools are available for purchase from the resource shop at our Yarra Valley Living Centre. Enquiries by phone 1300 651 211 or email