Exploring Intentions for the Future

Exploring Intentions for the Future

Summer 2016, Living Well Magazine

I am a busy GP working in the southeastern suburbs, with a passion for holistic medicine and empowering patients to take charge of their health with an integrative approach and a healthy lifestyle.

I have been financially contributing to the Foundation for many years – probably decades! And have loved receiving the seasonal magazine, full of articles that are nourishing to the heart, mind and soul. I have attended many Gawler events over the years including various weekend retreats and the Profound Healing – Sustainable Wellbeing Conference, all of which have contributed markedly to my knowledge of food, nutrition, meditation and the importance of ‘hope’ as key factors for health and healing.

Some years ago, my partner (now husband) and I decided we liked the idea of taking some time out of our busy routine to attend the annual Set Your Compass weekend retreat. At that time it was still a relatively new relationship for us, and with our wedding date approaching we treasured the idea of having a space to explore our intentions, hopes and desires for our future together.

Under the brilliant guidance of Siegfried Gutbrod in this well-structured program, and along with a group of about 20 others, we explored the many issues of the life we were currently living, and identified the elements of the life that we wanted to be living! The workshop part of the program was interspersed with time for meditation, walking around the property, resting and eating the most delicious wholesome food! We also enjoyed nightly entertainment including music, drumming and dancing! 

The first day was spent exploring the past year; what worked and what didn’t. The second day was spent exploring the present and all that we hoped and desired in the present moment. The third day was spent looking forward to the year ahead, identifying our values and designing a future that reflected these values.  

At the start of the weekend the group shared ‘what we were doing’ in our lives, and by the end of the weekend the focus had shifted to sharing ‘who we were being’ in our lives. On a personal level, this process opened up some issues my partner and I were yet to discuss in our new relationship that really needed attention. The space provided during the retreat to discuss and explore these issues, led to some major shifts that resulted in important clearing and healing.

We were so impressed and enthused by our experience at the retreat, that we returned the following year to immerse in the process again… time out, reflection, sharing, meditating, hoping and dreaming about all that is possible in this blessed life that we live.

My partner and I are now married and are a much stronger and healthier unit thanks to the time spent on this weekend. I cannot recommend it enough and plan to book in again in the not too distant future!

Dr Melissa Monkivitch

Our 2017 Set Your Compass Retreat will be running from 13-15 January. Email info@gawler.org to reserve your spot today! Or click here to read more about this life-changing retreat in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.