Finding Your Authentic Feminine Power

Finding Your Authentic Feminine Power

by Robyn Jones
Living Well Magazine Autumn 2015

We live in a very fast changing world. What we previously believed is now challenged by amazing new discoveries through quantum science about the nature of energy and human consciousness. We are told we have the capacity to reshape core beliefs, to heal major illness and even to override genetic predisposition through the power of the mind.

Within the context of a dynamic universe, it is imperative to explore our awareness and beliefs – our relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world community. Important questions need to be asked again about who we are, why we are here and what needs to change if we are to survive as a species. The notion of power is crucial in this exploration and it is time to review this beyond the old cultural and gender interpretations.

According to Gregg Braden, civilisation began much earlier than 5000 years ago, which is the period we usually reference historically. Predating this period, there is no evidence of violence or warfare. Cooperation it is said, rather than competition or survival of the fittest, is the best survival tactic. It is transparently obvious that our current world does not reflect this. Nor does it reflect the fact that in many ancient civilisations and in our own indigenous culture – prior to white intervention – women naturally held positions of respect and power.

We can see that power is being played out as force, rather than as a response to knowledge. This has been further complicated by our cultural interpretations of power and the respective characteristics attributed to men and women. What does it optimally mean to be a powerful man or woman? Are they different in manifestation? Commonly we see evidence that power often involves competition but this is not the answer. So how do we embrace a new understanding of power and gain self-mastery and grow in unison?

According to ancient wisdom, it is about finding our essential nature, which is loving and altruistic and living from this heart space. To do this we need to take personal responsibility, to develop a meta awareness and deconstruct our often unconscious, deeply embedded drivers. Embracing this path of self enquiry we can align ourselves with new authentic expressions of who we truly are, beyond the limitations of gender, personality and cultural imperatives. It is a commitment  to transformation and growth.