Finding Peace

Finding Peace

Spring 2017, Living Well Magazine

Dear Paul and Maia,

This week has proved to be the most challenging yet in my cancer journey. However I have been able to be an active participant in some frank discussions with my health team and furthermore make some very tough decisions with respect to my ongoing treatment. All without a tear shed or feeling uptight and stressed to the max.

Furthermore I have been able to speak with family and friends this week about the next phase of my treatment in a rational and very calm way. Making it much more comfortable for them as well. They too are amazed at my calmness.

Thank you for providing me with the tools of meditation. Prior to coming to The Gawler Cancer Foundation, each time I attended a medical appointment I was a bundle of nerves and invariably a flood of tears would appear. Both Robert and I keep on shaking our heads with amazement at the peace that seems to have enveloped us. Because of this ‘peace’ I almost crave my meditation time to ensure that the ‘peace’ continues.

Our new diet regime is also working a treat – in part due to the amazing help I am getting from my brother, who is relishing giving his sister cooking lessons.

Our week at the Cancer Fundamentals Retreat was life-changing and I will treasure the time spent with everyone. Thank you both for giving so much of your selves and helping us.

Kind regards
Suzanne Walsh

Artwork of ornamental gardens at the Yarra Valley Living Centre by Suzanne’s partner and best friend, Robert Standish-White. In greylead and watercolour.

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