Gratitude for Life – A letter from Karen and Chris Atkinson

Gratitude for life

Summer 2014, Living Well Magazine

Every now and then we get a letter or email that just delights us all and reminds us why we do what we do. In October we received this from Karen and her family.

Dear Ruth

Hope my email finds you well, I think of you daily as I meditate to your voice each morning & evening. You have been my inspiration & strength as I go about my Gawler learnings on a daily basis.

Since leaving the foundation in May I have religiously followed what your wonderful team taught me. My days start & finish with meditation, I have been happily vegan for five months now & have continued with my coffee enemas daily.

You told me when I was down there that I had what it takes to change my oncologists projected outcome of only having up to two years to live. I trusted & believed in you & write to say that I cannot thank you & your team enough for providing Chris & I with HOPE & DIRECTION when it counted most. 

I have thought about this email many times & wanted to save it until I could tell you… I had an x ray yesterday that my new oncologist described as “extraordinary news” My results showed NO CANCER & my bloods were perfect!!!!! He said you could not ask for a better result!!! 

Understandably I could still have a few cells that may be left that may not show up on an x ray so a follow up CT scan is booked for January, but by then even they will not be able to live in my anti-cancer fighting body!!!  

How does one express in words their gratification for life? Thank you for having faith in me & providing me with the tools, hope & direction when my life depended on it. 

Please pass on my love & gratitude to Siggy, Paul & Maia. I look forward to coming back down to do the five-day retreat in the New Year & give you a big hug & kiss personally.

Until then thanks for being you & providing the wonderful service that you do, I will continue to spread the news of what you have done for me & my family & can do for others when they are given no other options.  

Lots of love      

Karen & Chris Atkinson