Introducing our New Chief Executive Officer

Introducing our New Chief Executive Officer

Spring 2018, Living Well Magazine

by Barry Money

Hi, I’m Barry. It is a privilege to introduce myself as the new Chief Executive Officer of The Gawler Cancer Foundation. 

We are all standing before a great turning point in 21st century medicine as more and more practitioners are espousing the benefits of and turning towards an integrative approach to health, healing and wellbeing.

The Gawler Cancer Foundation is one of the early pioneers and while the road has been long, we are now witnessing the endeavours of the organisation as they reach a crescendo. We have something to offer the world that more and more people are seeking.

I feel an overwhelming sense of passion and commitment from every team member within the organisation as well as a great wave of devotion from everyone I have met so far who has experienced the transformational work of the Foundation.

While I have enjoyed a great career spanning the globe in start-ups, founder-operated businesses and corporate organisations, which furnished me with many skills to offer The Gawler Cancer Foundation, I believe it is my personal alignment to the core values of the Foundation that will help me make a difference.

It is indeed an extraordinary opportunity to integrate my personal values with an organisation that is transforming the lives of its many clients.

I started my study of Eastern philosophy and meditation at the age of 11.

I found that meditation and Qigong could still my ever-active and creative mind and lift my focus.

I spent years immersed in both the hard and soft aspects of the martial arts.

My journey took me to Japan as a twenty-year old where I lived for ten years.

My family has sadly been touched by cancer and other illnesses. This appointment to CEO therefore extends beyond the role, it has something deeply personal attached to it.

In fact, it was during these tough times when I understood the need for a great support structure and mentors who could guide me towards equilibrium and healing.

The Gawler Cancer Foundation has an extremely strong position in its field. The programs, the 7 essential elements and the network of generous supporters have served it well over the years.

Everywhere I look, I see such potential. Potential to expand the amazing work that the Foundation delivers. Potential to share our learning and our experience. Potential to help so many more people. It is our immersive healing and wellbeing experience that sets us apart. That has been the bedrock of our success and will continue to be the bedrock as we realise our potential.

History is, however, littered with stories of the original pioneer of a concept being overtaken as more nimble and restless organisations replicate the product or service and innovate to become more relevant to a needy market. At The Gawler Cancer Foundation, we need to keep innovating to maintain our rightful place as a respected leader in the field. We cannot rest on our laurels.

The challenge for me as the new CEO is to help define the pathway to realise that potential in ways that pay great homage to the past and yet provide a new direction to maximize the return to our core purpose – helping more and more people touched by cancer and other illnesses.

It is a challenge I accept with enormous respect and enthusiasm.
I look forward to working with all of the stakeholders of the Foundation to innovate boldly and achieve this aim.

As I close, I would like to leave you with my three core objectives:

  1. Build upon the excellent platform established over the past 35 years and strengthen the core values of The Gawler Cancer Foundation in every touchpoint with every stakeholder.
  2. Increase the awareness and reputation of the organisation and develop lasting relationships with key stakeholders.
  3. Drive growth through innovative partner- and customer-focussed initiatives that provide a financial return so that we can expand our core-purpose offering – best practice integrative treatment for those touched by cancer and other illnesses.

My gratitude goes out to the Board of the Foundation for welcoming me as a member and providing me with a fantastic opportunity to serve and contribute.

I will do everything possible to ensure I keep you all well informed about where the organisation is headed. And just as importantly, my door is always open to you, our valued members and supporters, and to your ideas, your suggestions and your generosity.