Moving Through Grief

Moving Through Grief

Summer 2014, Living Well Magazine

Grief is not an illness, everyone experiences grief at some point. It can arise from many types of loss: A traumatic life event, such as receiving the diagnosis of a challenging illness, loss of a job/career, loss of physical capability, loss of certainty in life or the loss of a loved one.

When we lose something or someone it can take time to adjust and to learn to carry on without it/them. Grief can also creep into the mind and affect our thinking.

We don’t just ‘get over’ deep grief because we are actually changed by the loss. A grieving person has to restructure their world and themselves because everything has changed.

With the right support, it is possible to avoid getting stuck in the cycle of grieving which can lead to anxiety, loneliness, depression and physical symptoms.

If you could use some guidance and support with moving through grief, please visit our Counselling Services page.