Radical Remission

Radical Remission: Turning around stage 4 cancer

By Kelly Turner, PhD

Living Well Magazine Winter 2014

Whether you are dealing with cancer directly or have lost loved ones, cancer is a disease that touches everyone – which is why I was shocked ten years ago when I discovered that no one was really studying people who healed themselves from cancer.

Radical Remission – also called ‘spontaneous remission’ by doctors – is any cancer remission that is statistically unexpected. Specifically, I study three categories of Radical Remission:

  1. People who heal from cancer without using any Western medicine at all.
  2. People with cancer who first try Western medicine, but it does not work, so they are forced to switch to other methods, which do work.
  3. People who use Western and alternative medicine at the same time in order to overcome a very serious prognosis (i.e. any cancer that has a less than 25% 5-year survival rate, such as advanced pancreatic cancer).

After researching more than 1,000 of these cases  over the past decade, I have learned that radical remission survivors have 9 key healing factors in common, which I describe in my New York Times bestselling book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

Only two of these healing factors are physical: 1) Radically changing your diet and 2) Taking herbs/supplements. The other seven factors are emotional or spiritual in nature, which suggests that thoughts and emotions can have a powerful effect on the immune system. When it comes to changing their diet, Radical Remission survivors greatly increase the amount of vegetables and fruits they eat while also greatly reducing or eliminating meat, dairy products, and refined grains and sugars from their diets.

One Radical Remission survivor who changed his diet in this way is a man named ‘Ron,’ who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of fifty-four. Ron’s doctors recommended that he have immediate surgery to remove his entire prostate, but Ron had recently learned of someone who healed his cancer through nutrition, so he decided to postpone the surgery:

“Cancer was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, because I was always pretty keen on fitness, but I did not eat that well. I was a big-time sugar junkie… [To get rid of my cancer], I eliminated sugar and everything white. No white potatoes, no white bread—that sort of thing. And I ate a lot of greens and did a lot of juicing of cabbage.”

After changing his diet in this way, as well as using the other 8 healing factors described in my book, Ron’s PSA dropped down to a healthy 1.3 in less than a year and he has been cancer-free now for more than seven years.

These are the kinds of cases I study. They show us that, while we may not yet understand all of the mechanisms behind Radical Remissions, the sheer fact that they happen at all tells us that it is possible to turn around even the most advanced cancers.

Kelly Turner, PhD is the NY Times Bestselling author of Radical Remission published in 2014. The Gawler Foundation stocks Radical Remission, call us on 1300 651 211 to order. For more information or to submit your own Radical Remission story, visit www.RadicalRemission.com