Juicing is a way of concentrating the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables for maximum health benefit. Attending one of our retreats is an excellent way to experience juicing. Here are the recipes to help you continue the practice at home.

Please note: when juicing it is essential that you use fresh organic produce – don’t save old or withered vegetables for this purpose.


  1. Prepare vegetables for juicing by scrubbing to remove any dirt.  If organic produce is unavailable a wash of organic apple cider is advised (one tsp of apple cider vinegar to one litre of water).
  2. Cut vegetables into short pieces that fit easily through chute of juicer.
  3. Consume the juice immediately to retain maximum nutrition.
  4. If preparing in advance store juice in a stainless steel thermos to protect from air and heat, in refrigerator. Fill flask right to the top so that there is minimal air exposure.
  5. Drink juice slowly so that it has time to mix with saliva in the mouth which will help absorption and digestion.

Green Juice

  1. To make green juice use small amounts of different salad greens such as endive, lettuce, spinach added to cabbage, celery, mint, cucumber, parsley and green capsicum.
  2. Fill half a glass with green juice, top up with water and add a teaspoon of a ‘green’ powder such as ‘Essential Greens’ which is a combination of wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina.

Daily Regime

On some of our Get Well retreats, and depending on your health circumstances, we recommend four or five juices per day, away from meal times to allow time for the juice to digest. A typical daily regime may consist of the following;

  • Morning lemon juice drink. Simply squeeze the juice from one small lemon into a glass and top with warm water.
  • Mid-morning carrot juice
  • Noon green juice
  • Afternoon carrot and celery juice
  • Late afternoon celery and beetroot juice

For variation of flavour try adding ginger, mint or parsley to the carrot juice.

For more recipes and healthy food tips see our Eat Well: Live Well cookbook.

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