Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep

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This practice is designed for people with sleep difficulties – whether your problem is getting off to sleep or repeated waking during the night unable to sleep again. I’ve received wonderful feedback from users of this recording over many years.  Having had insomnia many years ago, I understand the effects of lack of sleep and how challenging insomnia becomes.

During this recording, I simply guide you into a deeply relaxed state & then give you positive relaxing suggestions for all aspects of sleep improvement, your future sleep pattern and the depth and quality of your sleep – changing your attitude to your own ‘sleep-ability’. And the more you use this recording, the less you need to use it – 3 weeks ideally…

Please note – the recording is not to be played when driving or operating machinery. 

So simply get into bed ready to use this recording in bed – if your mind is busy, you may like to read a few pages of light reading first or journal just for a few moments – then simply lie back in a comfortable sleeping position and allow my voice to guide you into deep restful sleep.

Let my voice assist you as you become a wonderful sleeper!

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