Anticancer – 2nd edit


All of us have cancer cells in our bodies, but not all of us will develop cancer. This international bestseller examines what we can do every day to lower our chances of ever developing the illness, and also explains what to do to increase the chances of recovery from it. Already a recognised pioneer in neuroscience, by his own admission the author had all the arrogant and immortal confidence of a thirty year old overachiever. Then he discovered he had cancer of the brain and his life changed. This book is a culmination of his experience in the field of cancer, as a doctor and as a patient. It is his personal story, the stories of cases he has come across and the medical and scientific story of the disease and its mechanisms. He looks, in particular, at the relation between a body and its cancer, at the immune system and the roles played by environmental toxins, nutrition, emotions and physical activity in containing cancer.

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