CDH1 – Gawler Cancer Program


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This CD is full of hope; hope that is backed by good evidence. It has been compiled and narrated by Ian Gawler, himself a remarkable long-term survivor of a very difficult cancer. It includes the stories of two other people?s remarkable recoveries; recoveries that provide a real indication of what is possible.
In this CD, Ian addresses the science of how cancer develops, and the many ways in which the body can counteract it. This information provides the understanding and confidence to get the most out of our own resources while combining these with the best of appropriate medical treatment and any chosen complementary therapies.

Along with the book You Can Conquer Cancer, this CD is an ideal starting point for anyone faced with cancer; anyone grappling with how to think positively about their future. It answers many of the questions cancer presents and outlines a strategy that has helped many people to recover.

CDH1 – one track for approximately one hour.

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