CDH4 – Eating For Recovery


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The Healing Diet:

Are you confused?
Seeking healing and not sure what to eat?

Ian Gawler recovered from cancer over 35 years ago. Food made a major contribution. Ian went on to become a pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine. Now he speaks with over 30 years of experience helping thousands of people using his Healing Diet.

This CD is well informed by current research and delightfully practical.
Ian clarifies:
The choices you need to consider.
How to make informed decisions.
The four principles of an anti-cancer diet.
Essential ingredients for the Healing Diet.
How to detox and why bother?
Anti-cancer foods to incorporate into every day.
The place for juices and supplements.
The keys to enjoying eating well.

Please Note: This CD builds upon the information on Ian’s CDW4 “Eating Well, Being Well”, the CD that outlines the basic principles and elements of good nutrition. For those dealing with cancer, you need both CDs for completeness.

CDH4  one track for approximately one hour and 10 mins.

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