CDM1 – Meditation – A Complete Guide


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Ian Gawler is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected teachers of meditation. He has a wonderful capacity for translating the ancient wisdom out of which meditation flows, into a vibrant and relevant modern setting.
On this CD, Ian introduces the theoretical basis for meditation, and then leads the two main practices of Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation.
This form of meditation is the main practice recommended in Ian?s book (co-written with Paul Bedson), “Meditation, an In-depth Guide”.
Ideal for beginners or those seeking to deepen their meditation, this is also the main therapeutic meditation recommended for people dealing with stress or major illness. This is the meditation CD to begin with and it is recommended that these exercises be used on a regular basis.
Relax the body, calm the mind and progress via mindfulness into the profound stillness of deeper meditation.
CDM1 contains three tracks:
Introduction to Meditation 16 mins
Deep Relaxation 15 mins
Mindfulness into Stillness 27 mins
This CD contains a booklet outlining how to meditate.

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