CDM3 – Deepening Your Meditation


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Ian Gawler is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected teachers of meditation.
On this the 3rd in Ian’s CD series, he is accompanied by Marshall Whyler, a world-renowned didgeridoo player from the Northern Territory. The exercise are designed to help develop concentration and mindfulness; two of the key meditative skills.
Marshall uses the deep, melodic and meditative sounds of this ancient instrument to add another dimension to the meditations lead by Ian. This makes for a profound technique that focuses concentration using mindfulness of sound.

CDM3 has three tracks:
1. Introduction and didgeridoo 8 mins
2. Concentration – focusing on the breath – a series of short exercises that develop concentration and deepen meditation. 35 mins
3. Deep Natural Peace : Mindfulness of sound, breath and stillness, supported by meditative didgeridoo. 25 mins

This CD contains a booklet outlining how to meditate.

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