CDW2 – Emotional Health – 2CD Set


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Emotions can delight and frustrate us, cause pleasure and pain. Some people cover them up and hide them inside. Some display their emotions for all to see. What is emotional health and why does it matter?

Emotional health is a state where we can be ourselves and have the capacity to be able to do what is good for us, be authentic and be intimate. When we are emotionally well, we can build good relations with ourselves, as well as with others. When we are well emotionally, we can be spontaneous and loving.

This twin CD set is about how to become emotionally healthy using the active part of the mind, your intelligence and awareness. Ian talks about how to recognise emotions that are destructive, and emotions that are healing. He then goes on to lead a guided mindfulness of emotions meditation and a forgiveness technique that is clear, direct and effective.

These techniques have helped many people to feel more at ease, to be more resilient, and to have better relationships.

CDW2 has two CDs, each with one track for about one hour and 10 mins.

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