Eat Well Be Well


Our Catering Team have produced a wonderful guide to a healthy way of eating, based on the dietary principles that we teach in our programs. They have developed new recipes and many of the old ones now have new variations. Our dietary recommendations do change, as we keep up with current research, but we remain committed to a wholefood, plant-based diet, both as a means to nurture good health and as an aid to healing.

All recipes are for 4 serves. They have each been tested twice in our kitchen and once by other people who are not professional cooks, in their own homes. All the basics are covered: cooking terms, equipment needed, a list of items to keep in the pantry, cooking without fats & oils, lining baking dishes in a healthy way, storing food, soaking and cooking legumes with an easy reference chart, sprouting, making soy yogurt and juicing. There is a recipe list as well as a comprehensive index. A spiral binding within a hard cover allows the book to lay flat when open and protects the spiral from damage at other times.

The emphasis is on simplicity, making it easier to cook and eat this way. If you want to learn how to produce delicious, nutritious, balanced vegetarian meals with a minimum of fat, sugar and salt, this book is a great guide.

Foreword by Professor George Jelinek.

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