Kuvings Juicer EVO820 – Dark Grey


Everything your immune system needs, in one package.
Transform your health and revolutionise your kitchen with the 5th generation EVO820 Evolution series cold pressed juicer from Kuvings and everything you need to go with it. 
Our team at the Yarra Valley Living Centre have searched to find the Juicer that retains the most nutrients and helps you give your immune system exactly what it needs to thrive. These are the juicers we trust and have been using here at the Centre for years during all of our Health and Wellbeing retreats. We have put together a complete Immune-Boosting package with everything you need to access the same benefits from the safety of your home.  This package is only available to our customers.

Complete Immune-Boosting Package includes:
2x Kuvings Certified Borosilicate Glass bottles
1x 4 inch Ceramic Fruit & Vegetable Knife
With a 20 Year Warranty on the motor
FREE Delivery Australia-wide
Additional BonusEasy-to-use Smoothie & Sorbet Maker (as recommended by our Nutritionist). With the new Sorbet and Smoothie Maker attachment, there’s not much your EVO820 can’t do.
EVO820 Features:
Dimensions:  201 x 239 x 490 (mm)
Timeless pattern and streamlined body
New 5th generation drum set, “O” shape flip gate feeding tube, 82mm feeding gap (wider than previous models), easy washing pulp outlet, strongest lid with 4 lock-in points.
20 years warranty on motor and 5 years on parts
Cutting fruit with a Kuvings ceramic knife reduces oxidation of the fruit pre-juicing to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fruits and veggies. Improper storage of your juices can not only cause the nutrients to deteriorate but can also leach toxins into the juice, this package comes complete with two Kuvings certified Borosilicate glass bottles.
We can’t promise everything that goes into the EVO820 will turn into gold, but we can promise it will turn into delicious, nourishing juice to restore your immune system with all the vitamins it needs to keep doing the amazing things it does, every day.
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