Meditation Capsules (book & CD)


Meditation Capsules is a Mindfulness Program for Children. It provides all the resources needed for adults to begin teaching children the life skills of Mindful Meditation.

The book includes detailed information, clear instructions and creative ways to engage children to develop self awareness. Includes a complimentary audio CD of guided meditations.

Just as space capsules allow for exploration and discovery in outer space,  meditation capsules allow for discovery in inner space! Simple strategies for learning to meditate represent self-care capsules that allow individuals to develop and maintain a healthy, happy mind. The recommended dosage is moment by moment day by day.

This manual provides a practical resource for adults who wish to teach children the skills of mindful meditation. It outlines a comprehensive program designed for classroom use, ideally with students at upper primary school level. But the lessons can readily be adapted to suit children of all ages, and the book will provide a helpful guide for parents, youth leaders, social workers and therapists anyone who has an interest in teaching meditation or the enthusiasm to help children master meditation as a powerful personal tool.

Foreword by Dr Craig Hassed.

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