Mind That Changes Everything, The


This is Ian’s 1997 book, The Creative Power of Imagery, rewritten, taking into account the recent scientific findings on the nature and power of the mind.  Neuroplasticity is a fairly new field of study which shows us that the mind is as flexible and malleable as a muscle, so we can train our minds to work more effectively by using them in a new way.

Ian has always been fascinated by the mind and it’s potential.  He has spent over three decades learning from various teachers, experimenting, practicing and developing techniques to train the mind.

We are all familiar with the idea that we use only a fraction of our mind.  This book is designed to help you to increase that percentage quite a bit.  It defines and explores the mind and its boundaries and covers the following: setting clear goals, positive thinking, keys for creating your own effective imagery, finding inner peace, practicing inner rehearsal, changing habits, affirmations, manifestation (linking spirit, consciousness and matter), healing both the body and the heart.

There are 48 exercises and many engaging stories that show just how valuable this kind of inner work has been for people that Ian has worked with over thirty years. If you are dealing with cancer, or some other illness, there is a great deal here to assist you with the mind-body and positive outlook aspects of what we teach.

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