Mindfulness for Life


Mindfulness is a form of mental training that has been widely practised for millennia; however, it’s only recently that science and clinical practice have discovered the profound potential of mindfulness-based practices for increasing our wellbeing. Mindfulness is simply about paying attention to what is going on in our lives right now.  Have you ever

Walked into a room and forgotten why you went there?
Waited for the weather report and when the forecast is given not even hear what the weatherperson says?
Driven your car somewhere and not remembered the journey?
Find yourself in a conversation with somebody and then suddenly wake up to the fact that you haven’t heard a word of what they are saying?
Find yourself reading a book and realising halfway through the chapter that you haven?t taken in a word?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know something about what it means to be unmindful!

In a state of full awareness we connect more with our children, work more efficiently, drive more safely and stress less. Mindfulness can even help you reduce your risk of disease, overcome addiction, manage your weight, unhook yourself from depression or simply enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Mindfulness for Life is written by two experts in the field who bring the medical perspective of an international authority on mindfulness and the psychological perspective of a researcher. The result is a book that translates the scientific principles behind mindfulness into a simple, practical and accessible manual to applying mindfulness for life.

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