Playing the Genetic Hand Life Dealt You


Our understanding and assumptions about how we are made and the genetic process that govern the unfolding of our lives have been turned upside-down. We are much less the victims of our biology than we are the sculptors of it. We have within us the potential, if guided wisely, to enhance human flourishing at the same time as we limit the impact of disease.

Epigenetics is a very big issue and as time goes on it will only get bigger. Genetics, the very blueprint of life on Earth, is constantly adapting and re-expressing itself in an ongoing interplay between the environment, mind and consciousness. This is not a new idea but merely a new way of explaining what has long been observed.

The old way of looking at genetics was that we just got dealt a genetic hand by nature and we were either lucky or unlucky in what we got dealt. We are now coming to understand that this is where the genetic story starts, not ends. We do get to play the genetic hand we are dealt and in this book Dr Craig Hassed provides a wealth of information on how this can be achieved.

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