Radical Remission


Kelly Turner, an oncology social worker, has studied many cases of what she has called Radical Remission, ‘any cancer remission that is statistically unexpected’. She has conducted over 100 interviews and analyzed over one thousand cases using qualitative research methods. She found that nine key factors appeared in almost every survivor story. Though they are not scientifically proven to have caused these cures, their consistent appearance is too significant to ignore. The following nine points are given in no order of importance:
Radically changing your diet
Taking control of your health
Following your intuition
Using herbs and supplements
Releasing suppressed emotions
Increasing positive emotions
Embracing social support
Deepening your spiritual connection
Having strong reasons for living
Coincidentally, The Gawler Foundation has been teaching every one of these points for decades. So this book is likely to be of great help to anyone who is interested in our programs. Each factor is described in depth and discussed intelligently. Each includes a case history, illustrating how one person used this method to help them overcome their illness. Kelly intended these stories to inspire anyone dealing with cancer and to encourage researchers to examine more closely the phenomenon of Radical Remission. A very important book. Highly recommended.

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