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MS is considered to be an incurable disease, but these inspiring stories of people diagnosed with MS show that recovery is possible.  These stories track the journeys of twelve ordinary people from around the world, offering real hope for people with MS everywhere.

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis conjures up images of wheelchairs and a shortened life, but in fact it’s possible to regain mobility and make a recovery.  These deeply moving life stories of twelve people from around the world offer real hope to people with MS everywhere.  These determined women and men have been able to halt the progression of the disease and recover mobility by making significant lifestyle changes including diet, sunshine, meditation, exercise and, for some, using drug therapy.

Based on extended interviews, these stories offer an insight into the different journeys to recovery.  They also highlight the challenges faced by people with different types of MS and at different stages in the progression of the disease.

PROFESSOR GEORGE JELINEK is author of the internationally successful guide Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.  Diagnosed with MS in 1999, he is symptom free.  He is an academic emergency physician at the University of Melbourne and Monash University, Australia.
KAREN LAW is a journalist who has worked in the UK and Australia and is recovering from MS.

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