Time for Joy


A small book of uplifting quotes, each with a comment and an affirmation. You can read one a day for the whole year or dip into the book anywhere. The theme is that of noticing joy, love and peace wherever they occur. What you notice and keep your attention on grows, so, better to dwell on these things than to be diverted by trouble and negativity. A lovely gift for another, but especially for yourself.

From the introduction:
“I need daily inspiration to feel close to my Higher Power, to feel love, to feel peace. I must pray and meditate on a daily basis to grow in my recovery. And I definitely cannot pass on any messages of love unless I feel love for myself.

Inspirational words have always been an important part of my life. I have been an avid reader since my childhood. I have always been moved by words. I have always felt the power of words and, from a very early age I have been drawn to writing words that inspire the best in others.”

This book has sold steadily for many years at The Gawler Cancer Foundation. It obviously hits the spot for many people.

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