To The Moment Went a Traveller


To The Moment Went A Traveller is a delightful short story that takes you on a magical journey of self discovery and connects you to the mysterious power of the present moment. Written in verse, this engaging tale illustrates the universal experience of seeking answers to the bigger questions in life, such as ‘who am I?’ … ‘what am I doing here?’ … ‘where am I going?’

This simple story illuminates the benefits of a quietly-focused mind, and you will find yourself slowing down as you travel the path laid out before you. Beautifully complemented with original colour illustrations throughout, the words will transport you into the traveller’s world, where he finds himself at a crossroads, burnt-out by the fast-paced frenzy of modern life. As he seeks refuge by the ocean, we witness the profound encounter he has with himself, as his quest for clarity and peace of mind delivers a whole lot more than he expected.

Let To The Moment Went A Traveller help you rediscover the joy in life, give you perspective when you feel you have none, and encourage you to take a moment to look inside and listen to the voice within. The Traveller’s story also reminds us that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

This enchanting book is guaranteed to capture your heart. With its unique rhyming narrative, colourful pictures and friendly storybook style, To The Moment Went A Traveller belongs in the company of such well-loved titles as Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions by Richard Bach, The Dolphin by Sergio Bambaren, and The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. A gift for anyone seeking a deeper experience of themselves and the unfolding moment … the ever-present, precious moment that makes up our lives.

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