Who Dies?


This is as much about conscious living as it is about conscious dying. When you die, who is it that dies? Who are you really? A most wonderfully written exploration of death and how we can help ourselves approach it, or even begin to look at it, whether we are well or ill. Highly recommended for the authors? deep knowledge and experience in helping others.

From the Preface by Ram Dass:

“Because Who Dies? is rooted in our collective intuitive wisdom, gleaned from a quiet mind, it is a definite departure from the plethora of books which the dying movement has spawned. This book has addressed itself to the many aspects of the dying process with refreshing insight, candor and lightness. It invites us to look directly at ‘what is’ with clarity and without judgement. It divests the incredible melodrama called ‘death’ of its frightful power, supplanting fear with calm, simple, compassionate understanding.”

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