Simple Steps to Reduce Exposure to Electro Pollution

Simple Steps to Reduce Exposure to Electro Pollution

By Siegfried Gutbrod, Therapeutic Director
Living Well Magazine Summer 2014/15

Electro pollution is undetectable by our normal senses (except for the rare few suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity). Our modern lives rely on electricity and wireless connections for just about everything. These rapid advances in technology make our lives more convenient but they don’t come without their health concerns. As a side effect of our high-tech lifestyles, electro pollution is everywhere, particularly in our built up cities. Magically it travels through walls, and buildings but it also travels through us. No one yet knows the consequences of decades or generational exposure, however, should the indications of harm already identified by science be validated, it’s time we all took action to minimise our exposure.

Electro pollution comes from the electromagnetic fields of power lines and electrical appliances and/or electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other communication technologies.

Without going into the depth of relevant research I would like to focus in this short article on a number of very simple steps each one of us can take in our daily lives that would significantly reduce our exposure to electro pollution. In this context it is important to know that electromagnetic fields reduce with distance. Sometimes even small increases in distance can make a big difference. It is most important to focus your attention on places where you regularly spend hours of your time, like the time spent in bed.

Mobile phones and other communication equipment

  • Do not keep your switched on mobile phone in your pocket, in your bra, under your pillow or next to your bed overnight. If you use your mobile phone as an alarm, ensure it’s switched to flight mode when you go to bed.
  • Use head phones to talk and keep mobile phones away from your head and body
  • Switch off WIFI at home if not in use.


  • Check what’s on the other side of your bedroom wall next to where you sleep? Meter boxes, smart meters, electrical appliances? Create a longer distance from the source by moving the appliance or move the bed.
  • What’s on your bedside table? Digital mains powered alarm clocks/radios create a high exposure and so do transformers
  • Unplug the electric blanket before going to sleep (better not to use an electric blanket at all) Try a hot water bottle.
  • What’s under your bed? Clear up live electric cables and switch off at source if possible.
  • Keep unnecessary electrical appliances out of the bedroom at night. Eg. computer, TV. When appliances are on stand-by they’re still emitting a frequency.

Computer workstations

  • Keep the hard drive and the screen as far from the body as possible.
  • Keep electric cables, transformers, power boards as far away from your body as possible, including feet.
  • Spend time in nature away from electro pollution and without a powered up smart phone!

Consider spending some time away from the normal high tech environment and come to the Yarra Valley Living Centre for a retreat in a beautiful nature setting with low levels of electro pollution. Meditation no doubt helps with repairing the damage done by electro pollution.

For further reading on electro pollution take a look at ‘The Force – living safely in a world of electro-magnetic pollution’ by Lyn McLean, who is an Australian and expert in the field. This is an easy read.

Before you start packing your things to move to a remote log cabin in the bush, remember that just by making these recommended changes you will be significantly reducing your exposure. We live in busy cities all over the world and enjoy many of the benefits of connectivity and access to information. Knowledge is power but some things may be out of our control. There’s no need to isolate yourself. Remember part of the joy  of life is engaging in it.