Tax Appeal

As I sit here writing this letter I’m astonished at how much things have changed over the past few weeks. One thing that hasn’t changed is our understanding of the isolation that any life-threatening illness imposes on its victim. We understand the fear, the uncertainty and the unrelenting stress that illness can generate

“I felt overwhelmed and anxious before coming to the retreat. I also felt quite isolated in this cancer journey” Emily NSW, February 2020 Outsmart Cancer Retreat.

Sometimes it is simply impossible not to feel like ours is the most desolate of circumstances, that no-one could possibly feel our sense of loss or isolation. That no-one could even begin to feel the fear that engulfs us when a serious illness is diagnosed.

“Before attending the retreat, I was feeling quite isolated and lost. Feelings of being stuck and not knowing what is next” Jenny NSW, January 2020 Outsmart Cancer Retreat

As the country is being tasked to become ever more self-isolating because our communal and individual welfare is being threatened by a disease which is a potential killer, each and every one of us can understand a little better how the already vulnerable among us must feel.

Illness can be very isolating and in today’s climate of mandatory self-isolation we must be ever mindful to keep helping those currently battling an illness. To make them feel part of a community devoted to supporting their journey to health and peace of mind.

You can you help ease the isolation by donating today

The Gawler Cancer Foundation has built its reputation on providing exactly that essential support and we are proud to help people in need. We are determined to carry on this important work despite the need to close our doors by following all current Australia-wide COVID-19 protocols.

Thankfully the 21st Century is a time of universal communication through the many social media platforms that abound. People with chronic illness still need us, and we at the Foundation are well equipped to provide our help, advice and ongoing support via social media and other communication platforms while our centre is not available.

However, this will put a significant strain on our already stretched finances, then again how can you tell someone with a life-threatening illness that we can’t help them? How can you refuse families the support they so desperately need when their loved ones are unwell?

The Gawler Cancer Foundation is proudly a Not-For-Profit organisation, but as with all businesses we need funding to continue to provide all the services and essential knowledge that has become our trademark .

Thankfully good friends like you have stood by us in difficult times. I am dedicated to doing everything in my power to raise the necessary money to keep supporting our community, but I need your help again – right now.

We want to continue providing the relief that comes from knowing that we are a community and no-one has to be alone or isolated. Our community knows  it is being supported, offered relevant help and most importantly, understood.

Thankfully good We look to you now, when all of us are looking to our humanity so that we see ourselves and our neighbours through this COVID-19 ordeal. We look to you to help us continue the good work that we have been devoted to for over 35 years. Please help us with a donation today, so that we may continue our dedication to an integrative approach to health, healing and wellbeing.

Help us ease the fear that comes from the isolation of chronic illness. Make your donation today.


 Barry Money

Chief Executive Officer