Tony Low Bursary Recipient

How do you feel about your cancer diagnosis/journey before you came to the retreat. E.g. confused, lost, looking for answers etc.

I was initially shocked with the lung cancer diagnosis given that I am not a smoker, drinker or have worked in a harmful environment.  The doctor insisted that I had scans and surgery immediately without considering all factors. My daughter found a functional medical doctor in Malaysia who identified the potential cause of the toxins causing the cancer – my root canal and amalgam fillings.  They were removed immediately and I started an extensive and expensive detox program. Given the statistics and facts, I chose to heal myself not by the conventional medical method.

My wife and I flew from Malaysia to Melbourne in December 2018 to be with my daughter who is the only family member I have supporting me on this chosen healing path. I had felt lost and isolated because I did not have support from the other family member, extended family or friends.

My wife and I retired almost 20 years ago and are living on our savings. Despite the help that we are getting from our daughter, we are all under stress – from the work involved with an on-going daily detox regime and the financial expense of my healing therapy. Despite the financial strain, we came to the Gawler program to obtain clarification on ways to help me further heal myself.

Now that you have completed the retreat how do you feel about your future?

We are all extremely grateful for having connected with everyone at the retreat starting from the trainers, Daniel and Liz, the chef Stacey, Di and the other staff members, Sandi, Melissa and others and all the participants who we now know are our support group.  We are also grateful to Professor Craig’s talk which gave us more confidence that we are on the right path to healing.  We feel very blessed, grateful and hopeful that when we follow the Gawler Lifestyle medicine method we will heal and thrive in our health moving forward.

What would you like to say to the donors who fund the Gawler Foundation’s bursary program?

We are extremely grateful for the Bursary as without it, we would not have been able to attend the program. The program has given us hope, direction and the added bonus of meeting incredible people who are willing to be our support group, to ‘step into the shoes’ of our extended family which we do not currently have to support us on this chosen healing path and journey.  We thank the donors from the bottom of our hearts as this program is good enough to be shared with the world.


Due to kind donations, we are currently able to offer additional bursary funding to make our life-changing cancer programs more accessible. Certain criteria must be met to be eligible for our bursary assistance program, click here for more information.