Welcome home team Running Raw

Welcome home team Running Raw

Summer 2013/14, Living Well Magazine

A new year’s resolution that became a world record-breaking journey of inspiration.

It was an emotional homecoming on 31st December 2013 for Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray as they jogged down St Kilda Road to meet their friends, family and supporters at Federation Square. Their 2013 new year’s resolution to run a marathon a day for 365 days attracted a fair bit of media interest as the year drew to a close and not a single day of running was missed. Camera crews and reporters were there to capture the unforgettable hug that was shared between these two remarkable souls as they reached the teary-eyed crowd in awe of their achievement.

While most of Australia enjoyed a long sleep-in on new year’s day, Janette and Alan were awake in the early hours to run the final marathon that would set a new world record for most consecutive marathons.

Over ten years ago Janette was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given six months to live. With a natural approach, lifestyle changes, a completely raw vegan diet and a positive mind-set Janette and Alan are now both in their 60’s and feel like they could run forever.

“By running a marathon distance together per day, every day for a year around Australia, we hope to inspire others to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams, and to achieve their goals through making more conscious lifestyle choices.”

We thank Janette and Alan for choosing The Gawler Foundation as one of the four charities they generously raised money for on their journey. Congratulations, you inspire us all.

Have you set a new year’s resolution or an intention to live better in 2014? When you’re faced with challenges and your motivation is flagging, take some inspiration from Janette and Alan as they kept running, through storms and blistering heat; to live better, to spread their message and to live another day.