Dean Ornish Lifestyle Research

Dean Ornish Lifestyle ResearchAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine For a decade Dean Ornish has studied prostate cancer and the effects of lifestyle interventions on the progression of the disease. The long-term studies have consistently shown that intensive lifestyle changes have been shown to decease Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) readings, increase telomere length, and slow the … Continue reading Dean Ornish Lifestyle Research

In Five Short Days

In Five Short DaysAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine by Rosslyn Lam On the 27th September 2014, my wonderful, complicated, quirky, proud, exotic Chinese husband, who I had spent half my life with in an oft-times tumultuous, yet wonderfully vibrant and loving marriage, died of pancreatic cancer. If only I had known about The Gawler Cancer … Continue reading In Five Short Days

Reconnecting with Nature… no Wi-Fi required

Reconnecting with Nature… no Wi-Fi requiredAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine by Mascha Florisson Imagine a medicine that was not only free, but also had no adverse side effects, was available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and was guaranteed to improve your health and wellbeing within minutes. Surely we’d all take such a medicine everyday. Unfortunately many … Continue reading Reconnecting with Nature… no Wi-Fi required

Benefits of Mindfulness for Caregivers

Benefits of Mindfulness for CaregiversAutumn 2017, Living Well Magazine Regular and consistent mindfulness meditation helps to prevent caregivers from psychological stress and ‘caregiver overload’. Research from the University of Almeria has shown the benefits of mindfulness meditation in reducing psychological discomfort and overload in family caregivers. Consistent with other research into the positive benefits of … Continue reading Benefits of Mindfulness for Caregivers

Meditation – Medicine for the Mind

Meditation - Medicine for the MindSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine by Adj. Assoc. Professor Sanjay Raghav In Eastern traditions tracing back to ancient times, the mind has been deeply studied and researched, leading to the revelation that the ‘mind’ is merely a bundle of thoughts, a by-product of desires and feeling incomplete. When looking beyond … Continue reading Meditation – Medicine for the Mind

Fruits, Veggies and Illness

Fruits, Veggies and IllnessSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine Research shows evidence that fruit and vegetable consumption is linked to a longer life, and is directly linked to reduced cancer death and cardiovascular mortality.  Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables is linked to a longer life, according to research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and … Continue reading Fruits, Veggies and Illness