Kitchen Bench MicroGreens

Kitchen Bench MicroGreensSummer 2017, Living Well Magazine by Mascha Florisson While doing some research in my local library, I stumbled upon a book by Peter Burke, ‘Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening’. The book describes Burke’s technique for growing, as the title suggests, year-round salad leaves on your kitchen bench, simply and easily without the need for any … Continue reading Kitchen Bench MicroGreens

The Joy of Composting

The Joy of CompostingSummer 2016, Living Well Magazine by Wendy Neagle Whatever your garden or soil problem, compost fixes everything. It rebalances soil pH, it helps to detoxify soil by binding toxins and heavy metals, and it dramatically increases the soils moisture holding capacity. Humus – the end result of composting - is also what … Continue reading The Joy of Composting

Un-bee-lievable Bees

Un-bee-lievable BeesWinter 2016, Living Well Magazine by Mascha Florisson and Wendy Neagle Unless you have a spoonful of honey in your mouth, you wouldn’t normally think of bees while you are eating. But did you know that the equivalent of one in every three bites of food you eat is with thanks to a bee? … Continue reading Un-bee-lievable Bees

Autumn (2016) Gardens Feature

What’s happening in the Gardens?Autumn 2016, Living Well Magazine by Wendy Neagle After a hotter than average start to our growing season in spring, we have experienced typical Melbourne-style weather; many seasons in one week, sometimes in one day! This mixed up weather has caused confusion for some of our vegetables, for example the Celeriac … Continue reading Autumn (2016) Gardens Feature