Is a Sustainable Mindset the Missing Link in your Life?

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Is a Sustainable Mindset the Missing Link in your Life?

by Michael Bartura

Most of us run our lives in an automatic pilot sort of state.  It feels like our thoughts just tumble into our awareness – seemingly from nowhere and likely triggered by cues in our subconscious.  We act and react on the whim of our feelings, or indeed in trying to avoid or suppress or project those…

‘Know thyself’ we are urged by Socrates, father of Western Philosophy. This idea repeats itself through the ages and in every culture.  In fact, the notion of self-awareness is now seen as a successful leadership trait – In a study of almost 500 publicly listed companiesKorn/Ferry International found that companies who performed financially well, had employees with higher levels of self-awareness than those that performed poorly.

So, the question of knowing ourselves – why do we do what we do and how can we do it with more awareness, seems an important skill to cultivate.  Actually, we are looking to understand two things here – what is the best mindset to develop for a successful and happy living, and how do we maintain that mindset in the face of life’s tribulations – the ups and downs of our incredibly busy and stressful 21st century existence.

This is particularly a poignant and helpful reflection we need to undertake when we consider that both the physiology and neurology of our bodies and minds were developed to maintain equilibrium and survival in small tribal settings on the African Savannah – not the mega-cities the commercial and competitive world we have now.

In that challenge, learning how to handle stress is crucial – from the internal and ongoing chatter in our heads through the plethora of relationships we deal with and to the kaleidoscopic and often toxic nature of environmental overloads.  We want to explore and cultivate an ongoing capacity to adjust and maintain our inner peace, not just as nice and luxurious privilege of weekend self-care experiences, but as a sustainable mindset that will carry us through the highs and more importantly the lows of daily life.

“To cultivate equanimity, we practice catching ourselves when we feel attraction or aversion, before it hardens into grasping or negativity.” – Pema Chodron

About the Author: Michael Bartura has been involved in lifestyle education, health & wellness promotion, training and organisational development since the mid-Eighties. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness practices and delivers insightful and engaging training seminars and groupwork through nondenominational science-based methodologies. Michael has worked extensively as a therapist and a trainer in clinics and centres in Australia, UK, the US and Canada; and now runs his own coaching practice based on Mindfulness-based Leadership and Positive Neuroplasticity to work with individuals and organisations. He is a member of the core faculty of the School of Life in Melbourne and the development team for the new Ripple Affect Institute. Besides a variety of certificates and diplomas in holistic therapies, Michael holds a Master’s degree in Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He is a passionate and skilful coach and has been and associate of the Asian leadership Institute for close to 20 years.

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