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Would you know how to improve your chances of survival?

Being mindful of what you do and think most of the time is important for maintaining optimal health, but when your health is compromised by cancer your lifestyle choices become critical. Supporting your body’s natural healing ability requires a multi-faceted approach, which is what we teach at our Outsmart Cancer programs.

For over 35 years, our compassionate and expert therapeutic team have helped cancer patients in Australia find a better quality of life following diagnosis; providing you with the tools and information to help you make confident choices and take control of your own healing journey. Consistent with the research underpinning lifestyle factors associated with cancer and chronic illness, our programs emphasise the importance of reducing stress and regaining physical, emotional and mental balance to promote healing, boost immunity, reduce stress and create clarity of mind at a time when it’s needed most.

These strategies are aligned with those developed and followed by our Founder, Dr Ian Gawler, who was given 2-3 months to live in 1975. Ian has gone on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people with his remarkable story of recovery outlined in his book 'You Can Conquer Cancer', and through the teachings we cover here at The Gawler Cancer Foundation. 


Take back your life.

Our experts are ready to show you how.

What our Participants have to say

"After attending the cancer retreat program, I felt an internal shift and change in my attitudes. My wellbeing became a priority in my life. This, coupled with initially sticking to the diet and meditating 3 times a day, gave me a real sense of power and control over the cancer, which must have helped immensely."


What our Participants have to say

"I attended the 4-night cancer retreat with a very close friend of mine and was blown away with what I learned about health and nutrition and meditating. I went with the expectation of supporting my friend through her diagnosis and her decisions as far as her treatment goes, but came away with so much more that will help in my and my families lives as well."


What our Participants have to say

"My wife Margaret had gone through a horrible 7-month period after being diagnosed with stage-3 ovarian cancer. Both of us were drained and needed a better direction to start believing for a better outcome. We found that your retreat has given us a much better directional belief for the food we should eat for better health; meditation to focus on building inner strength, exercise to help in the healing of our bodies, and; a general better feeling of well being for us both."


Quality Education, Guidance & Support from Passionate Experts


Cancer Retreats

We offer two cancer retreat programs at our retreat centre in the Yarra Valley, Victoria - a 'Fundamentals' Retreat, which runs monthly throughout the year, and an annual follow up program called 'The Next Step'. 

Our Outsmart Cancer - Fundamentals Retreat runs monthly throughout the year, and is currently offered in a standard 4-night/5-day.

Outsmart Cancer – Fundamentals Retreat

Over 5 life-changing days, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of integrative medicine and the practical things you can do in your everyday life to maximise your body’s own healing potential, reduce stress and help you cope better with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis

  • Understand the fundamentals of anti-cancer nutrition, and feel deeply nourished and revitalised with anti-inflammatory plant-based wholefoods

  • Share your thoughts, feelings and experiences, and feel the support of like-minded people who are also navigating life after diagnosis

  • Develop a lifestyle action plan for realistic physical, mental and emotional results

  • Explore your own emotional wellbeing, your deeper purpose and meaning in life, your support networks and your relationships

  • Return home ready to move forward with optimism, empowerment and a deep sense of inner peace

Outsmart Cancer – The Next Step Retreat

Our annual Outsmart Cancer - The Next Step Retreat is tailored to past cancer participants, and offers an excellent opportunity to connect and share your progress and experiences with like-minded people, and to participate instructional sessions that will help you consolidate and build on what you have learned in the past. Topics covered are tailored to the unique needs of participants.






The price of our cancer retreats start from $1,025* (for 4-nights) or $,1,800* (for 6-nights) per person including GST, and covers all elements of the program, including  educational sessions  and materials, accommodation, delicious plant-based wholefood meals, snacks, freshly squeezed juices, teas and dandelion coffee. 

Optional extras include transport, massage therapies, counselling and purchases from our resource centre.

The full rate/s of our cancer retreats are listed below, however, due to kind donations, we are currently able to offer additional bursary funding to make our life-changing cancer programs more accessible. Certain criteria must be met to be eligible for our bursary assistance program. Call 1300 651 211 or email to enquire today.

5 Day
$1,775   Multi Share/Dorm
$2,185   Twin/Double
$3,398  Single

A $550 holding deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your place, and the remaining balance may be paid in instalments.

Liz has a varied health background of Occupational Therapy in the 1980s, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, and over her years of involvement with the Foundation, she has been leading cancer lifestyle groups and teaching mindfulness meditation.  More recently, she trained as a Spiritual Carer working in a variety of health settings, carrying a compassionate holistic approach to counselling people through their significant life challenges. For many years, she has specialised in trauma recovery, anxiety, depression and insomnia, her approach influenced by mindfulness.

General Practitioner and Associate Professor at Monash University, Dept of General Practice. Craig’s teaching, research and clinical interests involve mindfulness-based stress management, mind-body medicine, meditation, holistic healthcare, integrative medicine and medical ethics. Craig is a regular media commentator and author of New Frontiers in Medicine, Know Thyself, The ESSENCE of Health, Mindfulness for Life, Playing the Genetic Hand Life Dealt You, and co-author of General Practice: The Integrative Approach.

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Hear from integrative medicine experts and participants about our transformational Outsmart Cancer Retreat Programs (2:20 mins)

Liz Stillwell

Practical Lifestyle Strategies to maximise your body's healing responses

Hearing the words 'you've got cancer' will undoubtably change your life forever, but there is no need to feel helpless.

While your medical team is developing a personalised treatment plan, there is plenty you can do for yourself to support the process - to boost your immunity and maximise your body's healing responses, clear your mind and reclaim your sense of personal wellbeing. 

The evidence-based strategies you will learn at our transformational cancer retreats, centre around our '7 Essential Elements'.  Plant-based Nutrition, Moderate Exercise, Effective Support, Meditation, Power of Mind, Emotional Healing, and Quest for Meaning are all research-based strategies that are widely recognised for their health and wellbeing benefits.

The immersive experience of our cancer retreat programs, mean that you are not on your own with integrating these strategies in your life. Our expert therapeutic team removes all the guess work,  empowering you with the anti-cancer research that supports these strategies, and providing you with the guidance and support to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes. 

Daniel is a clinical naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist.
He is also an experienced restorative yoga teacher, and a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), acceptance commitment (ACT) and mindfulness-integration cognitive behavioural (MICBT) therapist.
Daniel's diverse skill set, along with his commitment to an
evidence-based approach, imparts a profound therapeutic formula for optimal health and wellbeing, which includes therapeutic nutrition, mindful living strategies and 
lifestyle counselling.



Daniel Cerny
Stephanie Dierich


Bachelor of Naturopathy (BNat), Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher

Steph is a university trained naturopath and nutritionist with a passion for whole food plant-based nutrition. She is also a qualified meditation and yoga teacher. She is passionate about lifestyle medicine and mind- body medicine as a path to wellness, particularly through food, meditation, yoga and emotional healing.
Steph  views her first visit to the Yarra Valley Living Centre as 
cancer retreat participant in 2015 as a profound blessing. Her time there precipitated a dramatic shift in how she approached her illness and her life. She continues to apply the principles of healing
 she learnt, both on herself and with others.


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Plant-based Wholefoods for Improved Health & Vitality

Learn how you can eat your way to a more vibrant and healthy life with our plant-based wholefoods dietary approach.

This approach, as highlighted in our popular Eat Well : Be Well Cookbook, creates an anti-inflammatory environment within the body which detoxifies, aids digestion, assists immune function and supports the body’s natural healing processes.

Our mostly organic menus are designed by our 
onsite nutritionist, and prepared with great skill and care by our highly experienced and passionate catering team.

Our biodynamic and organic vegetable gardens provide an abundance of seasonal produce for our participants to enjoy during their stay.

A Sanctuary for Healing

Situated within 40 acres of picturesque Australian bushland in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley, our centre offers a peaceful sanctuary away from fast-paced modern life.

When you pass through our gates, the fresh mountain air and calming and conducive natural environment will install an instant sense of peace, and our team will be waiting on hand to assist you

Everything is taken care of here, so you can truly immerse yourself in the teachings, focus fully on your own health and wellbeing needs, and re-emerge feeling empowered to create new possibilities for your life.

In your free time, enjoy a 
leisurely stroll along our walking trails, take in the mountain views from the gazebo
 at the highest point of the property, explore the labyrinth down by the Little Yarra Riveror find a bench in your favourite part of the manicured gardens or expansive grounds to simply relax and take in the wildlife, sights and sounds of the Upper Yarra Valley.


Winner will be drawn on December 18, 2020 and notified via phone and email. Terms and conditions apply.  


Outsmart Cancer Online Programs

The Outsmart Cancer Online Program program is an online version of our traditional Outsmart Cancer Fundamentals Retreat. This online program is offered as part of a monthly intake and also with a flexi-start option. 

Our regular monthly intakes allow for groups of participants to progress through the program together, enabling Live Q&A’s to be scheduled into the program and greater collaboration and support. However, we also offer a flexi-start solution for those who have demands on their time or would prefer to start the program immediately.

Hearing the words ‘you’ve got cancer’ will undoubtedly change your life forever. It’s what you do next that makes a difference. Our programs are here to help. 


Outsmart Cancer Online participants will gain access to over 10 hours of evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine content including video streaming, downloadable meditation audios, downloadable handouts, discussion boards to interact with fellow participants, live Q&A sessions with our expert facilitators, intra-program support from our programs team, post-program support from our client services team and access to our private Facebook Cancer Support Community.  


Quality education, guidance and support from our expert therapeutic team - helping you make positive and lasting lifestyle changes.

Delicious Plant-based Wholefoods developed by our onsite nutritionist, with a focus on anti-cancer nutrition,  for improved health & vitality.

Share your thoughts, challenges and experiences, and feel  supported by others who are also navigating a cancer diagnosis.

Purpose-built Retreat facilities within a stunning bushland setting, boasting special indoor and outdoor spaces designed to restore your body and mind.

Practical Lifestyle Strategies to maximise your body's healing response, and to help you regain a sense of  personal wellbeing.

Retreat Inclusions